We understand that college students do not normally have public accounting experience, and it is difficult to obtain entry-level positions in local firms without it. For over 50 years, we have provided training to new college graduates to work and learn the basic areas of public accounting, to improve and add skills, and get as wide a variety of exposure to the different facets of public accounting as quickly as possible. In the first year, new staff accountants learn the Company's software programs, get exposed to small business accounting systems, prepare working trial balances, and prepare individual, partnership, and trust tax returns. In the second year, the CPA candidate is exposed to more difficult taxation issues and projects, learns to draft full disclosure financial statements, and gets experience in a wider variety of accounting systems and projects.

Ultimately, you get to appreciate some of the more interesting and challenging parts of public accounting at our firm, and learn why it is a profession with a future.

If your Bachelor's Degree is going to be an emphasis in accounting, and you are interested in pursuing a career with us, contact Michael Corlett, corlett(at) Please, no attachments for an initial email.

We do not limit ourselves to "entry-level" only professionals. It's just that there are not many available experienced CPAs in our community. If you have just moved to the area, have solid local CPA firm experience, and are not afraid of challenging work and responsibility, please contact Michael Corlett at (831) 758-4481.